to be

is not just to love
but to be loved
by the right person


for life

each day is a celebration
to live, to thrive
to count the good things
that happened yesterday
and will happen today

bugs (society)

A list of what has been bugging me for quite a while in the society.

  • If success is defined as having a happy life, and having a happy life requires a house and an intact family, how many people in Hong Kong are truly successful?
  • What jobs will not be replaced by machines in twenty years’ time?
  • Why can some people enjoy the Caribbean sunshine without hard work, and some people have to endure the smog every single day as they work real hard?
  • What are the requirements of being a dream chaser?
  • What should we study to ensure we will not work as the slave of computers?
  • If suicide is the sin of all sins, why those who led people to their deaths get the highest positions in the government?
  • Can I just enthuse in euthanasia?